Core Beliefs

Belief #1: Exercise for your shape

Knowing your body shape is an important dimension of Natural Beauty Fitness because it allows you to modify your exercises to fit your body's needs. There is no one size fits all in exercises. Know your body and learn the best way to exercise it. You learn how to best workout your body by clicking here.

belief #2: eat intuitively for your shape

Having a good relationships with food is key to becoming healthy. When you obsess about your weight, calories and more, you are doing your body a disservice. Your body does not trust you, therefore not giving you the results you want. Knowing when you are hungry, full and what nourishes your body is important to achieve your authentic health and natural beauty. Counting calories and obsessing about weight, never is and never will be a part of Natural Beauty Fitness philosophy. Reaching your authentic health is what is important. 

belief #3: safer skin care

Natural beauty isn't just how your move your body and what you put in your body. What you put on your body matters too. Not all "beauty" products make you beautiful. In fact, many make your skin dry, which leads to premature aging. Invest in toxic free skin care will bring out your natural beauty. 

pillar #4: Make time for yourself

Make time for yourself and give yourself a spa day. Making time for yourself will help you become a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and any other hat you may wear. When you make yourself a priority, you become more pleasant and this world becomes a better place.